There are few things that I love more than the idea of a fresh start!  There is an excitement in believing that a better you, a better life, a better world are obtainable, starting today.  I do, I love it as much as I love cold sheets on a hot day and a good book at the beach.

I have decided this year to be a chaser of light.  As a photographer most of my work days are spent finding the light.  This year I am going to incorporate this hunt in all aspects of my life.  I will look for the light everywhere I go.  I will search for the good in everyone and everything.  If I stumble across a situation where there is seemingly no light, then I will be the light.  I will mimic the sun and I will shine bright!

This isn’t like the New Year’s resolution where I vowed to quit smoking and was rummaging through the trash for my pack of cigarettes by noon on January 1st.  And it certainly isn’t like last year where I vowed to be better at not losing everything, because that resulted in two lost ATM cards in less than 365 days.  I tell you, this year is different!

Poet and philosopher, Henry David Thoreu said, “It’s not what you look at that matters, it’s what you see.”  I will be positive and see the glory that surrounds me!  This year will be different.  Swearsies!



Artwork by, Trestled





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