Life and Lessons Learned

#1 Tie it to a Balloon

My New Year’s resolution has been the same for the past nine years.  I want to be the woman that my daughters will grow to become.  Talk about a tall order!  It’s usually about this time of year that I start logging all the ways that I have seemingly failed myself and them.  Excuse me while I grab the tissues and wine for my pity party.

An old friend, Caroline, would offer the great and whimsical advice, “Tie it to a balloon and let it go.”  These metaphorical words would come anytime you were faced with a situation that was out of your control.  A situation much like living in the regret of failing your best intentions.  This year I am going to try to not regret, rather learn from all of my missteps and mistakes.  It is equally important for my little ladies to see not only how I behave as I rise, but also how I respond when I fall.

I remember when I began photography, I would see an image and photograph it.  Disappointingly, more times than not, the final image did not reflect the picture that I had seen in my head when I first felt inspired to snap the shutter.  It took time, knowledge, and practice to close the gap between what I saw in my head and what I was able to produce in print.  Similarly, every year I get a littler closer to this woman that I aspire to be, this imagined woman in my mind.  I doubt that I will ever fully see this picture of perfection looking back at me in the mirror.  Until I do, I will continue to adorn myself with hope for tomorrow and forgiveness for yesterday.

If I teach my daughters to wear nothing as well as they wear hope and forgiveness, then I have done ok.

Lesson #1 is to live, learn, and let go.

Tie it to a Ballon

“Release” by Justine Beckett



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