Life and Lessons Learned

Lesson #2 Find Your People

Our daughter, Annie, is three years old.  She is our youngest of four children.  I’m not sure when it began, but she calls her siblings, “my people.”  Her lingo has become infectious in this house.  We all find ourselves using Annie’s same diction when speaking with her.  We utter statements like, “Let’s give your people a kiss goodnight.” or “We are going to pick your people up from school now.”

Annie’s people are defined to her as those that she holds dearest to her heart.  Those characters that make her laugh until her belly hurts and her eyes water.  Those bodies with consoling arms ready to hug when she is sad or hurt.  Those folks who she can spend endless hours with and never tire of their company.

This year I have followed Annie’s lead and I found my people.  I have surrounded myself with a loving, caring, inspiring, motivating, and comforting clan.  I am happier because of it.  If it is true that we are all a reflection of the company we keep, then my reflection must be magnificent!

Lesson #2 surround yourself with people that make you happy.


Art by, Lisa Congdon



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