Life and Lessons Learned #7

Balance and Forgive

At some point my life began to feel like a competitive sport.  I can’t exactly say who I was competing against.  Likely candidates are myself and thoughts of who I should be, Pinterest boards, and my friends’ Facebook highlights reels.  I decided this year that I was dropping out of the race.  My new mantra is, I can do anything but not everything.

There are days when I don’t volunteer at the children’s school because I am working, I don’t get to the gym because the kids want to go to the movies, or I don’t finish the laundry because… heck I can find any reason not to finish the laundry!  These unchecked marks on my to do list once left me feeling inadequate.   Now, I just forgive myself for being human.  I have hung up my “Super Carrie” cape and I am happier because of it.

Lesson #7 is to find balance in your life and say, “I forgive me.”  Following this mantra may be the best Christmas present you can gift yourself.

Merry Christmas friends!




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